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Cesar Magpuri: The Man Who Never Gave Up on His Dreams

Posted in Arts and Culture, Lifestyle on October 1, 2010 by mariafatimareyes

Cesar Magpuri, the Dream Chaser (Photo courtesy of

Filipino-American Cesar Magpuri is the perfect example of how a man’s patience, dedication, and hard work ultimately lead to success. As a poor small-town boy, he dreamed of becoming an artist and a musician. It seemed impossible for him to fulfill those dreams but he never stopped fighting for them. He endured the obstacles and opened himself up to all the opportunities that went his way. It took him long years to finally be able to do the things he wanted but he came out a winner in the end. His old age never got in the way of his passion to learn music and art. His successes in the fields of music and art truly make him a certified world-class Filipino talent.

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Joseph “Joe” Mateo: An Award-Winning Pinoy Animator

Posted in Arts and Culture on October 1, 2010 by mariafatimareyes

Joe Mateo, Award-Winning Pinoy Animator (Photo courtesy of

I have always been a Disney fan and it makes me proud to know that a Pinoy animator is behind some of the artistic works in Disney animation. On August 21, Joe Mateo received the “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation” Emmy award at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for his work as a storyboard artist for Disney’s Prep and Landing. He first started out as a clean-up artist but his passion and dedication for his work got him his promotions and successes. This world-class Filipino talent truly proves that once they set their mind to it, Filipinos can make it big in their chosen fields.

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